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Whether building a great business or selling one, it takes a team.

Focus Advisors is the collision industry’s leading M&A advisory firm — helping MSO owners achieve maximum value through a strategic exit. We are dedicated to helping you create a lasting legacy for your family, your people, and yourself.

Three bodyshop employees in a conversation

Dave Roberts spent two years helping us organize for growth then led a sale process that exceeded all our expectations. He was tough on me and tough on the buyers. In the end, we all won. I can’t say enough good things about Dave and his team.”

Tommy Morgan

Former owner of B&R Collision

We are the only Investment Banking firm that specializes in selling collision repair MSOs

We serve sellers and growth entrepreneurs. We know the buyers and the investors. And we have both the business and transactional experience needed to make your sale or expansion successful and smooth. Don’t go it alone, get the very most out of your company with Focus Advisors.

Have a confidential conversation with us about your future, your value, and the benefits of having an experienced advisor on your side. Selling your business is a huge decision – and a huge job – so is finding new capital to expand. We’ve helped some of the best operators in the business, let’s find out how we can help you.

Why work with Focus Advisors?

You’ve built a championship business; it’s time to exit with championship results. But when the time comes to sell, many owners struggle to balance running their business with selling the business. The negotiation process is time-consuming and complex, and without trusted relationships with buyers and investors, it’s easy to miss out on a competitive bidding process.

You need a partner who can shape the transaction on your behalf — who not only has deep relationships with all potential acquirers, but also specializes in the unique intricacies and evolving dynamics of collision repair. That’s where Focus Advisors comes in.

We’ll help you finish strong.

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What Sets Us Apart

We specialize in collision
repair clients

The dynamics of selling each MSO are unique. We understand those dynamics, from paint contracts to franchise agreements to DRP relationships. Our deep industry roots mean more precise, tailored recommendations for your business.

We have a finger on the
pulse of your market

We draw on decades of transaction experience and a robust proprietary database to anticipate market trends and buying interest, which means we can assess whether and when the timing and market conditions are opportune for a sale.

We unlock the potential
for competitive bids.

Our targeted approach and extensive network of potential buyers enable us to attract multiple qualified offers – not only driving the valuation higher and maximizing value, but also empowering you to choose the perfect fit for you and your people.

We are a FINRA-registered
investment bank

We’ve embraced a fiduciary duty of upholding the highest legal standard of care. This means we adhere to professional and ethical regulations to act in the best and exclusive interest of our clients – so you can count on transparency, expertise, and integrity.

How We Work

Focus Advisors is a full-service M&A advisory and investment banking firm. We are experts in the automotive aftermarket specializing in collision repair, assisting businesses of all sizes in selling, buying, raising capital, and planning.

Let’s Talk About Your Business’ Future Today

You and your team built a great business but selling or expanding it requires knowledge of the game and the unwritten rules and deep experience in the industry. We can’t advise you about whether to buy a Garmat booth or choose a GFS model.  That’s not our expertise.  But we are the professionals in our business just like you are the professional in your business.  That why our clients hire us – to be the professional M&A advisor for them in the most important decision of their lives.

Latest Updates

Classic Collision Enters DMV Metro with Pro-Tech Acquisition

FALMOUTH, VA, June 14, 2024: Since their private equity-backed inception in Atlanta, Classic Collision has recently started moving up the east coast, and as of Friday, Classic officially entered the DC-MD-VA metro area with its acquisition of Pro-Tech Collision in Stafford, VA.  Focus Advisors Automotive M&A represented the owners in the

Post-Sale Business Opportunities: What’s Next?

Selling your collision repair business may only happen once in your life. It’s an opportunity many business owners don’t get — and a chance to reap the benefits after years of hard work and dedication.  As the collision repair industry’s leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, the team at Focus Advisors