The Focus Advisors Process

1. Discovery

Understand current and future needs and goals of all key players


Analyze the market, financial, and business strengths and liabilities, assess value

3. Development

Develop adjusted financials and offering materials

4. Strategy

Identify target buyers/investors and determine go-to-market strategies

5. Market

Prequalify bidders, engage most likely and solicit Indications of Interest

6. Negotiate

Set expectations on terms and deal structure, select top bidders

7. Manage

Coordinate due diligence as client’s advocate, execute transaction

8. Closing

Finalize the signed agreement for a stock or asset purchase or recapitalization

How We Do It:

The Focus Advisors process is tailored specifically to you, because your business is unique, and your goals are unique. Our history of completing deals gives our clients confidence that we will get their deal closed in the most seamless and successful way. We share ideas, market insight and strategies from our past transactions along the way while also anticipating challenges and risks. Although we have relationships with all the buyers and investors, we advocate on behalf of our clients and they are always our top priority – and that’s what sets us apart.

Ultimately, we’re here for you, advocating for you, and getting you the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Hiring Focus Advisors:

To start, Focus Advisors helps prepare your business and collateral so it’s as attractive to your potential buyers as possible. Through our industry connections we then solicit interest from multiple buyers and investors, and assist you in selecting the right one, providing the best fit and offering the best overall value. We then negotiate and structure the deal terms to meet your needs.  This includes identifying and avoiding traps like unrealistic earnouts and lease agreement concessions.

Focus Advisors also helps manage and coordinate all additional important resources on your team, like accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, estate planners, lenders, landlords, insurance brokers, appraisers, escrow officers, or others who are involved in the transaction.

Focus Advisors is always your advocate.  When the other side questions your numbers or your assets or your operations, we help you craft the right response – helping avoid the confrontations that can derail the deal. And because we know that this process can be very time consuming, we lead it for you so you the owner can focus on running your business and maintaining its performance and value.