Hear what some of our incredible clients have to say about working with us.

“Chris Lane is a rock star! He was able to negotiate with the buyer (MSO) to get the maximum value for my three shops. If you ever decide to sell your body shop, Focus Advisors is a must-have. NO one gets it done like Focus Advisors and Chris Lane.”

-Chris Brown, Owner, Denver, CO

“We are focused on growing our dealership business and the body shop wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, so I reached out to Focus Advisors.  They know all the buyers, the process, and helped us negotiate through an intricate transaction and services agreement that goes beyond the scope of a typical asset sale.”

-Andy Wright, Owner, Allentown, PA

“I’m privileged and proud to have worked alongside a fantastic team of managers and employees who helped me get here. I’m also happy I chose Focus Advisors to become part of my team to help me complete this journey. Chris and David knew exactly how to present my business and close the transaction, to get the value I worked hard to achieve.”

-Tony Perrino, Owner, Euclid, OH

“After spending my career in the collision industry, I knew it was time for me to step back, enjoy spending more time with my wife, family, and travelling. From the start, Dave, Chris and the whole Focus Advisors team worked hard on my behalf.  They kept the process super confidential and super organized along the way.  With multiple bidders, I’m confident I received the best value for my business.”

-Bruce Lingle, Owner, Bellevue, WA

“Describing the process of deciding to sell and executing on that decision, we went down the road with a couple of prospective buyers on our own over the past two years and were disappointed in the outcome.  Recognizing that we needed professional help to maximize our value, we asked some friends who gave us simple advice.  Use Focus Advisors.  Dave and Chris led us through six months of preparation and sale that far exceeded our expectations.”

-Jeff Middleton and Kevin Parsons, Owners, Seattle, WA

“We chose to partner with Classic because their values and ours were so consistent – integrity in the quality of work, relationships and the way we treat our employees and partners. We were named ‘Pride’ because we believed that quality and a focus on the customer was the recipe for a successful business, and we were happy to see that rewarded.  FOCUS provided the professional advice that set us up for success.”

-Randy Stabler and Robert Turchan, Owners, Los Angeles, CA

“We had multiple parties interested in our MSO.  We chose Classic as the best fit for our staff and their futures. As someone who has previously sold a collision repair business, I knew we needed professional assistance to avoid the inevitable missteps and challenges.  The process run by FOCUS set us up for success and got us across the finish line on time with the right partner.”

-Ryan Wilson and Wayne Tate, Owners, Barstow, CA

“After seeing Dave Roberts’ success over the past five years, my dad recommended we use him to represent us this time around. He and FOCUS were instrumental in preparing us, taking us to market and all the way through the close. We’re very pleased that Focus Advisors was chosen to represent the Faassen family, to help them find the right suitor and negotiate a successful sale.”

-Cooper Faassen, Owner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The transaction process is a little crazy and creates more stress on top of managing your shops’ performance and growing the business. Focus Advisors made it a more seamless process that made me more confident in closing. Chris Lane was available 24-7 any time I had a question. I’d advise other collision repair owners to start the process of seeing what your exit value is, even if you’re not selling. Get with Focus to start learning what needs to be done to make your shop more sellable when it’s time. And if you look at saving a few bucks by representing yourself, you end up losing a lot of value.”

-Bill Lipsitz, Owner, Denver, CO

“Selling our business was a difficult decision to make but we decided there was another chapter in our lives,” commented Lynette Greenemeier who credited their successful exit to the advice and guidance of Focus Advisors. “The team at Focus Advisors ensured that we received the best value for our business and managed a process to close the sale successfully, benefitting us and our employees.”

-Lynette Greenemeier, Owner, Denver, CO

“David Roberts, Chris Lane, and the whole Focus Advisors team have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. When it was time to have a professional in our corner, we turned to Dave and Focus Advisors, which was absolutely the right decision.  We are very pleased with the outcome and our choice to partner with CollisionRight.”

-Don Decker Jr., Owner, Evansville, IN

“As I worked with Focus Advisors to develop our growth plan over more than a year, I realized that the backing of a larger provider would bring that plan to fruition much faster and more effectively. We had multiple quality providers who gave us offers, but, we felt the entrepreneurial style of management at Crash Champions was best suited for us to continue our rapid growth. Dave and Chris were awesome.”

-Adam Quanz, Owner, Albuquerque, NM

“We built a business and a family atmosphere in these shops over many years. We know the folks who helped us will find even more opportunities as they join a larger organization. It’s been 30 years of effort, toil and fun to get to this place. Kathy and I knew we were going to need professional advice and Focus was our only choice. Dave and his team gave us the confidence to make the leap.  We are so grateful.”

-Kathy and Kurt Johnson, Owners, Seattle, WA

“With the COVID pandemic creating uncertainty around any return to normal business levels Howard’s top priority was just getting a deal done: “I wanted a fair price for my business and was concerned that COVID might make that difficult. David and Chris at Focus generated interest from multiple parties and I ended up with being pleased with the offer I received. Moreover, the deal closed when it was supposed to.”

-Howard Comstock, Owner, Greensboro, NC

“The growth and development of my shops was an incredibly rewarding experience. Deciding to sell wasn’t easy but I could see the direction the industry was moving and knew more capital, more scale and being part of a larger organization was the future. And Classic is a great fit for the team at Able and for myself.
I had been approached many times over the years about selling but I knew I wasn’t an M&A professional. Having seen the success of Focus in representing some of my industry friends, I reached out to Dave and Chris.”

-Ryan Cropper, Owner, Anchorage, AK

“I’ve spent 34 years in this business — still growing.  Finding the right partner to keep the name and the growth going was important to me.  Quality has the capital and drive to do that – and to bring my team along with them. I needed experienced investment banking expertise to get the value I deserved from my life’s work, but equally important to me was trust in the people who would be working with me.  David and Chris of Focus have both, and I’m extremely happy I chose them as my partners in this process.”

-Paul Oberstar, Owner, Chanhassen, MN