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You built your company from the ground up, let us help you get the very most out of it.

Focus Advisors is the leading advisory to collision repair entrepreneurs looking for guidance and advice in buying, selling, or expanding.  Our full service FINRA registered M&A advisory firm assists owners in selling, or growing strategically to prepare for an eventual sale, building and securing maximum value for their businesses.

Three bodyshop employees in a conversation

Dave Roberts spent two years helping us organize for growth then led a sale process that exceeded all our expectations. He was tough on me and tough on the buyers. In the end, we all won. I can’t say enough good things about Dave and his team.”

Tommy Morgan

Former owner of B&R Collision

We are the only Investment Banking firm that specializes in selling collision repair MSOs

We serve sellers and growth entrepreneurs. We know the buyers and the investors. And we have both the business and transactional experience needed to make your sale or expansion successful and smooth. Don’t go it alone, get the very most out of your company with Focus Advisors.

Have a confidential conversation with us about your future, your value, and the benefits of having an experienced advisor on your side. Selling your business is a huge decision – and a huge job – so is finding new capital to expand. We’ve helped some of the best operators in the business, let’s find out how we can help you.

Why work with Focus Advisors?

Knowledge is power. Today’s buyers and investors have the knowledge advantage over MSOs and most sellers. They’ve done dozens of deals, know the strategies inside and out and try to keep the sellers in the dark. Our CEO, David Roberts, co-founder of Caliber Collision, is one of the best-known and most experienced advisors in the industry. He’s done more transactions, both buying and selling than any other advisor. With the Focus database of shops and transaction values, he’s got the knowledge that help you level the playing field.

Most likely, you’ll only ever sell your business once in your life, but buyers and investors have been doing this for years. Which means they know the game, know the rules, and know how to win. Going up against the huge consolidators, the private equity investors or the venture capitalists is our job, one we’ve done over and over. Add deep industry knowledge and M&A experience to your side, too, with Focus Advisors.

Focus Advisors Business Benefits

Delivering on Value

We have the pulse of all existing and new buyers and investors entering the industry. Our deep experience helps us understand the current dynamics in purchase prices and terms and what it takes in this new environment to get a deal done that delivers on the full value of your business.

Focus On What Matters

Selling or raising capital is difficult, complicated, and time consuming. Working with Focus Advisors allows you to focus on your business and keep its value strong while we manage the processes and help you maximize your value.

No Stone Unturned

We maintain a proprietary database of all 32,000 collision and body repair shops in the US, historical transactional information, shop information including MSO, franchise or network affiliations, certifications, DRPs, and other important data that lets us assess value, selling potential, and uncover hidden opportunities for you.

A reputation for quality

We are a full-service investment bank, not a broker, so we focus on a select number of quality clients as their honest, trusted, and candid advisor. Our reputation did not form by accident – we work with the best, and we deliver the best, every time.

Confidence in Confidentiality

We perform for our clients, completing more than 20 major collision and paint distribution transactions in the last 5 years. We know how to protect your business and keep the entire process confidential from start to finish.

Our Process

Focus Advisors is a full-service M&A advisory and investment banking firm. We are experts in the automotive aftermarket specializing in collision repair, assisting businesses of all sizes in selling, buying, raising capital, and planning.

1. Discovery

Understand current and future needs and goals of all key players


Analyze the market, financial, and business strengths and liabilities, assess value

3. Development

Develop adjusted financials and offering materials

4. Strategy

Identify target buyers/investors and determine go-to-market strategies

5. Market

Prequalify bidders, engage the most likely ones, solicit Indications of Interest

6. Negotiate

Set expectations on terms and deal structure, select top bidders

7. Manage

Coordinate due diligence as client’s advocate, execute transaction

8. Closing

Finalize the signed agreement for a stock or asset purchase or recapitalization

Let’s Talk About Your Business’ Future Today

You and your team built a great business but selling or expanding it requires knowledge of the game and the unwritten rules and deep experience in the industry. We can’t advise you about whether to buy a Garmat booth or choose a GFS model.  That’s not our expertise.  But we are the professionals in our business just like you are the professional in your business.  That why our clients hire us – to be the professional M&A advisor for them in the most important decision of their lives.

Latest Updates

Quanz Auto Body acquired by Crash Champions

Focus Advisors is pleased to recognize another great client, Quanz Advanced Auto Body. This our sixth client who has found a great partner in 2021. Congratulations to Adam and his whole team.